Who We Are
CLASSWATER Inc. is a privately held company with headquarters in Markham, Ontario, Canada. Since it’s founding in 1990 CLASSWATER has become the supplier of choice for Bottleless (Point-of-Use) coolers and water filtration systems nationwide.
Our Advantages vs Bottled Water Coolers
Bottleless (Point-of-Use) Water Coolers look, and perform, like office bottled water coolers, with many advantages over the 5-gallon jugs. Bottleless Coolers come in Cold/Room temperature, Hot & Cold, as well as Tri-Temp (Hot/Cold/Room Temp) models. They are installed with Water Filtration Systems connected to your building’s water supply. The filtration systems purify the water, removing taste, odour, chlorine, lead, THMs, Parasites, Cryptosporidium, Giardia, as well as pesticides, VOC’s, and 99.9% of all particles down to 1/2 micron in size. Trace minerals nutrients (fluoride) and calcium are not removed by the filtration systems.

Installation of Bottleless Water Coolers is done using copper tubing, hidden from view. The coolers may be located any distance from a water source, but are most often installed in kitchens, break rooms, coffee stations, or near a source of water.

Maintenance is required and provided semi-annually by CLASSWATER. Maintenance involves cleaning of the cooler and water tanks, checking all operating parts and the water temperature and testing the water quality. We replace the filters and Ultra Violet bulbs as required.

We also tailor service contracts and filter replacements to suit many of our clients’ specific needs.

In addition, there are many advantages to switching to Bottleless (Point-of-Use) Water Coolers. Some of which are outlined below.

1 COST SAVINGS: 50% and greater Savings Over Bottled Water
  • Depending on your consumption, savings of 50% and greater are achievable over bottled water
  • Flexibility – Fixed monthly payments and/or purchase options available and custom tailored accounting invoicing and reports to suit your requirements
  • Immediate, as well as Long Term Cost Savings
  • Control – Adherence to your policies and procedures by a national supplier with central responsibility and accountability
  • Reduced Administration – Elimination of the requirement to audit and handle a myriad of invoices for bottles, returns, deposits, shortages and refunds at each location. Elimination of multiple suppliers and multiple payments. One monthly cheque, or at any other interval, for all your locations in Canada, or by branch, at your option
2 CONVENIENCE: Bottleless (Point-of-Use) Water Coolers Are Hassle Free
  • No Bottles
  • No Deliveries
  • No Storage Space Needed
  • No Running Out of Drinking Water
  • No Delivery Interruptions
  • No Reconciling Confusing Monthly Bills
  • No Security Issues with Bottled water delivery drivers
3 BPA FREE – our products are BPA free
  • BPA is an abbreviation for Bisphenol-A
  • BPA is an “ingredient” used in the chemical compound that lines the inside of food containers such as canned goods and cartons for liquids like milk and juice. It also is the major building block in Polycarbonate plastic. Plastics with the number 7 on the bottom of the containers such as the blue bottles used to dispense Bottled water
  • The debate is still out regarding BPA, however research has proven at least some adverse affects of BPA ingestion. Click here for more info. See also About Water
4 WATER QUALITY: Better Than Bottled: Reason—Bacteria Growth
  • Bottled water is filtered, and then bottled. After bottling they are not refrigerated. Bottles provide an environment that harbours the growth of bacteria
  • Dirt, dust, and airborne bacteria can easily enter bottled coolers through the large opening in the top of the cooler
  • Neck of bottles are rarely cleaned or sanitized before placing on water cooler, introducing dirt, and bacteria into the cold storage tank
  • Filtration systems will also be connected to coffee and ice machines. Thus improving the taste and odour of office coffee and ice