Our Advantages Over Other Filtered Water Cooler Companies
We offer flexibility in everything we do. Our customers choose from: purchase, lease-to-own or rental programs with all paper kept in house (no third party finance company involved). This affords us the flexibility to meet our customers’ changing needs. We offer many choices of filtration systems and add KDF to all systems we install. Our highly trained staff guarantees the right installation the first time. Our flexible service plans and service levels makes Classwater your one stop water solution company. We have choices of cooler models, chillers, and fountains to fit any environment. WE TAILOR OUR SYSTEMS TO SUIT YOUR NEEDS NOT OURS – from the coolers and filtration systems we install to the service packages that you select.
Cost Savings
By selecting our purchase option you realize greater savings than those offered by other filtered water cooler companies. We also offer rental and leasing programs and have coolers for every price range.
Nationwide Coverage
We’re the water cooler company of choice across Canada.
Superior Technology, Superior Filtration Systems, Superior Coolers combined with Superior Service
We use only NSF Rated Filtration Systems. We use multi-stage filtration systems (i.e. 1/2 micron extruded carbon/heavy metals+KDF) with optional upgrades to include bacteria filters, ultraviolet (UV) filtration, or reverse osmosis (RO) filtration. We are an authorized service center for all the products we sell. We carry a variety of water coolers (countertops, floor models, residential, & remote chillers) and fountains that allows us the flexibility to tailor a system to your requirements not ours.
Maintenance is required and provided semi-annually by CLASSWATER. Maintenance involves cleaning and flushing of the cooler, sanitizing the water tanks, checking all operating parts and the water temperature and testing the water quality. We replace the filters and UV bulbs as required.
Filter Change E-mail Notification
CLASSWATER tracks all of our clients and coolers electronically and automatically notifies them when coolers are due for filter changes and cooler maintenance.
Coffee and Ice Machines Included
As part of our installation, we always connect all coffee and ice machines to our filtration systems at no additional charge. Using filtered water dramatically improves the taste of the coffee and ice.
Installations Anywhere
CLASSWATER ‘s installers and service technicians are trained to install coolers virtually anywhere in your building. We are not limited to installations only in kitchens and break rooms (e.g., classrooms, conference rooms, lobby/reception areas, etc.). Installation of P.O.U. Water Coolers is done using copper tubing, hidden from view with shut-off valves and pressure regulators as required.
Summary Billing and Credit Cards Accepted
This is very helpful for clients with multiple local offices, and clients with offices nationwide. We accept Visa, and MasterCard for your convenience.
One monthly cheque, or at any other interval, for all your locations in Canada, or by branch, at your option.
Fixed monthly payments and/or purchase options available and custom tailored accounting invoicing and reports to suit your requirements.
Adherence to your policies and procedures by a national supplier with central responsibility and accountability.
Service Levels
We respond promptly to service requests, same day or next as conditions allow. Our courteous experienced and knowledgeable staff are available for both installations and service. We offer a choice of service contracts, or time and material charges for your service needs.
Service Plans
Classwater offers annual service contracts. The contract includes automatic 6-month visits to service your coolers, as well as unlimited calls for mechanical malfunctions, parts and labour. As a warranty centre, we stock a large variety of parts, reducing the possibility of downtime for the cooler.
Classwater is an authorized warranty centre for all the products we sell. All coolers come with a 1 or 3 year manufacturer’s warranty on the refrigeration system. Should a problem develop, Classwater will handle the warranty work, including shop repairs where required, and bill the manufacturer.
Full Time Office & Service Staff
We have full time employees in the office, and on the road, to provide telephone, e-mail, and 24-hour service call support.