CLASSWATER is Your Water Solution Specialist!

Think of us first when considering bottleless water coolers. CLASSWATER has been serving the business community from Coast to Coast since 1990 and our selection and service is second to none. Join our list of satisfied Blue Chip clients and Taste the Quality.

CLASSWATER carries the full line of drinking water coolers, both in countertop and floor models. Our coolers can be installed virtually anywhere in your facility, and only require a standard electrical outlet.

The floor models require approximately 1 square foot of floor space, and are 38″- 48″ tall. The countertop models require approximately 12 inches of width on the countertop, and are 18″ tall. Depending on the model the filtration system for our coolers can be hidden inside the lower front access panel of the cooler, mounted on the back of the cooler, or hidden under a nearby sink.

CLASSWATER’ s standard installation of a cooler includes running filtered water connections to your existing coffee and ice machines, greatly improving the taste of the coffee and ice cubes. CLASSWATER coolers come with Hot & Cold as well as Room Temp & Cold Taps. The floor model also comes with optional Tri Temp Taps (Hot/Cold/Room). A wide variety of multistage filtration systems are also available with CLASSWATER products, to provide pure drinking water for your employees.