CLASSWATER has the right Fountain for your project. Choose from our wide selection. Our products are worry free and are fully guaranteed and comply with all known plumbing codes.

All of our fountains can be enhanced with one of our multistage filtrations systems.

CLASSWATER Fountains Feature

  • Lead-free Materials and Construction are found throughout the waterways.
  • Dial-A-Drink® Bubbler assures a smooth, even flow of water.
  • Stainless Steel Top resists rust, corrosion and stains. All models feature an anti-splash ridge and integral drain.
  • Cooling Tank offers maximum cooling efficiency, reducing compressor starts.
  • Copper Cooling Coils around the storage tank assure maximum cooling efficiency. The double-wall separation between refrigerant and drinking water conforms to all sanitary codes.
  • Insulating Jacket is removable and molded from expanded bead polystyrene.
  • Adjustable Thermostat is tamper-proof. A remote sensing bulb located in the cooling tank provides accurate temperature control of cold water.
  • Durable, Handsome Cabinet Finishes include vinyl laminated on steel, cathodically electrocoated baked acrylic enamel, stainless steel and Regency Bronze.
  • Heavy Gauge Steel Frame provides rigid, durable water cooler construction. Cooler operates quietly without rattle or vibration. Panels can be easily removed for service or repair.
  • Ease of Installation. All On-A-Wall, Semi-Recessed and Simulated Semi-Recessed models have removable front and side panels that provide extra space for plumbing and electrical installation, servicing and routine maintenance.
  • Thoroughly Tested. Each water cooler is subjected to continuous assembly-line testing and to complete capacity performance.
  • Certified Performance. Our water coolers comply with all known plumbing codes. They are Listed by Underwriters’ Laboratories, Certified to Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute Standard 1010, and Certified by Canadian Standards Association.

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