AquaBar Floor Model by Oasis


Model CL 2100 – Tri Temp: Hot, Cold and Room Temperature

The CLASSWATER floor model cooler is designed to work with your choice of water filter system. Featuring a stylish yet durable blow-molded polycarbonate cabinet with an internal filter compartment, it provides a continuous flow of filtered water and can also be used to supply filtered water to auxiliary outlets. It provides a continuous water supply in three temperatures: hot, room temperature, and cold.

A removable large capacity injection-molded reservoir provides 1.7 gallons of chilled water storage utilizing the OASIS® cooling probe and sleeve technology, which chills the water from the “inside out”

The removable stainless steel hot water tank puts the heating element where it works best – inside the hot tank. The result is more efficient heating. The adjustable thermostat allows customized setting for individual customer needs.

Dimensions: 43-1/2 x 13-1/2 x 16